Vision Statement

To empower individuals and communities through resources, awareness and activism that brings glory to God.

Mission Statement

The Social Actions Ministry empowers the members of MSBC to participate in changing their community by providing information and programming that addresses current issues in social justice and education.


The Morning Star Baptist Church, Woodlawn, Maryland, Social Actions Committee, has identified an initiative to support businesses.  Many small, minority, and black-owned business have been negatively affected by systematic issues and the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the Fall 2020 SCORE Megaphone of Mainstreet Data Reports:  The Impact of COVID-19,  Specific to black-owned businesses, they show only an 8.8% profitability and growth rate, operations were significantly disrupted, and they were more likely to seek – but less likely to receive – outside/government funding.

Now more than ever, small and minority owned businesses need our support to remain viable.  We realize that these businesses can be longtime wealth builders for generations, but we need to ensure that we support them within the local community.  When we support small and minority owned businesses as a part of the community, it becomes a lifestyle!  In keeping with the Social Action Committee’s theme of “Eat Local, Buy Local, and Invest Local, we would like to spotlight businesses (on a quarterly basis) on the MSBC Social Media Pages (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and Website (Social Actions Page).

With a membership of over 5,000 individuals and families, your business will receive exposure to thousands of potential customers/consumers. In order to facilitate this process, please complete the below form below. Once your information is submitted, our Team will provide specific information regarding which quarter your business would be spotlighted.  Additionally, at the conclusion of the “spotlight” period a representative from the Social Action Ministry will follow-up with your business to determine if the efforts resulted in a positive impact.

One Additional Note:  The Ministry’s Marketing Office welcomes the submission of professional digital presentations for inclusion in the Church’s broadcast opportunities.  Questions regarding this effort should be directed to

Terri Jones,

Deacon James Farnum,

Co-Leaders, Social Actions Ministry

Note: For additional information regarding Morning Star’s overall business outreach efforts contact our Business esource Group at

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