Event Planning Information


Checklist for Ministry Events

    1. Approvals


    a: Submit an event proposal & budget to your Ministry Coordinator for approval at least 90 days in advance:

    i. Description of the event and targeted audience?

    ii. Proposed date and time of the event?

    iii. Location of the event?

    iv. Indoor event, outdoor event or virtual event?

    v. Ticketed event?

    vi. Registration required?

    vii. Are any commemorative items being requested i.e. t-shirts, etc.?

    viii. Itemized Budget – use the MSBC Budget Template

    b. Once approved by the Ministry Coordinator, submit the event proposal and budget to Bishop Debnam via Deaconess Robbin Brown (rebrown@msbcministries.org) for approval.

    c. The Ministry Coordinator and Ministry Leader will be notified by Deaconess Robbin Brown of the event status within 2-3 weeks of receiving the proposal.

    d. Once the event is approved, Deaconess Robbin Brown will add it to the church’s calendar.

    2. Logistics & Resources Needed

    a. Green Sheets

    i. Submit a Green Sheet for each approved expenditure

    ii. Green Sheets should be submitted at least 2 weeks in advance (4 weeks if amount needed exceeds $500)

    iii. Green Sheets should be signed by your Ministry Coordinator and then submitted to Deaconess Robbin Brown by 12 noon on Friday

    iv. Receipts must be submitted for all expenditures

    v. If there are contracts to be signed, attach them to the Green Sheet; individuals should NOT enter into/sign contracts on behalf of the church, as you could be held liable personally by the vendor.

    b. Complete an Event Request Form (form is located on our website)

    this form should only be completed for events that have been approved and should be submitted at least 60 days in advance.

    c. Facilities (Kyle Jones or Deacon Carl Williams)

    i. What time is access to the building needed?

    ii. Type of setup needed & resources needed (tables, chairs, etc.)?

    iii. Any special requirements (special props, food, vendors, etc.)?

    d. Worship & Arts and Audio/Video (Minister Anita McConnell & Tyrone Parker)

    i. Review proposed flow and any proposed audio & video needs with Minister Anita McConnell & Tyrone Parker

    ii. Recordings should be scheduled at least 45 days in advance.

    iii. For an outdoor event, is the stage needed?

    iv. Any proposed guest artists (psalmist, spoken word, etc.) should be coordinated through Minister Anita McConnell

    e. Marketing (Dr. Anthony Brown)

    i. Submit event details to Dr. Anthony Brown 45 days in advance

    ii. Dr. Brown will develop a timeline for promoting the event via our various platforms (social media, website, E-Blasts, countdown, etc.)

    iii. If the event is virtual, is it via Zoom or on MSBC digital platforms?

    f. Other

    i. Volunteers

    1. How many volunteers are needed?
    2. What are volunteers needed for?
    3. Dates and times volunteers are needed?

    ii. Commemorative Items Being Requested?

    1. Proposed design?
    2. What quantity is needed? Sizes needed if applicable?
    3. Will the ministry do pre-sales?
    4. Proposed start & end date for pre-sales?
    5. What date will the items be ordered?
    6. Do you want the items available to the entire congregation to purchase?

    iii. Insurance/Liability (Dawn Green)

    1. Offsite Events – is a Certificate of Insurance from MSBC needed?
    2. Is a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) needed?
    3. Are there any contracts to be signed?