Congregational Care


Our Congregational Care initiative aims to strengthen connections between our congregation and church leadership while nurturing our collective faith journey. Each member will be paired with a Diaconate team for support. Through outreach and events, we’ll keep members informed and engaged. Starting in April, a “Connect and Share” table after select services will provide direct engagement with church leadership and ministry guidance. Let’s grow, connect, and support one another in faith. Feel free to message your Diaconate Team member listed below.


Ensure all MSBC members feel connected and supported throughout their life at MSBC. Members will know who to contact and resources available in times of need.


Members of MSBC will have a ongoing and productive relationship with MSBC leadership as they grow in Christ

MSBC Congregational Care Partners

Member Last Name Diaconate Partner 1 Diaconate Partner 2
A-BA Linnette Ball Doris Duren
BE-Brooks Julie Felder David Felder
Brown-Carroll Kevin Orange Deborah Sharpe
Conley-Curry Thaddeaus Foster Dionne Foster
D Michael Goodwin Kathy Evans-Davis
E-F Cleo Lytle Bertha Farnum
G Martina Williams Shirlene Spencer-Gilmore
H-Hogan Tonia Carrington Harlin Gray
Holland-Jobe William Gaskins Sheri Brown
Johnson-Joynes Lisa Nettles Faye Marvin
K-L Theresa Olglesby Karen Boddie
M-Mills JoAnn Parker Derek Edmonson
Mitchell-Murry Derrick Powell Mary Powell
N-Potts Joe Smith LaTisha Smith
Powell-Robertson Carla Graham Kevin Mooring
Robinson-Siler Toyin Adebona Tina Randall
Simmons-Sykes Maria Wesley Carl Williams
T-U Angela Johnson Wanda Forman
V-Wilkes Bernadette Boddie William Dorsey
Williams-Z Carol Bonds Jeff Bedford
Group Team Lead
A-C Ervin Kelly
D-Hogan Darlene Orange
Hollands-Mills Dionne Fulchner-Green
Mitchell-Siler Lisa Morgan
Simmons-Z Frances Bedford
James "Jim" Farnum
Roslyn Kelly
Vanessa Jones
James Jones
Bernadette Rheubottom