MSBC5Star Program, Inc.

Who We Are

We partner with the Morning Star Baptist Church, under the leadership of our Chairman, Bishop Dwayne C. Debnam, to support the needs of the community.

Vision:  The MSBC 5 Star Program, Inc. envisions holistically supporting MSBC and the communities it serves to create and sustain stable individuals, strong families and powerfully engaged communities.

Mission:  We will execute our vision with integrity and through accountability by sponsoring and leading initiatives of impact that include:

 Seeking opportunities to serve the diverse needs of our community by engaging and partnering with individuals, community organizations, businesses, and service providers with common goals and objectives.

 Providing financial and human resources to support programs that advance the development of members of the communities we serve.

 Developing programs that address the holistic, educational, economic and general life skills of individuals to build and rebuild lives.

 Partnering in outreach and ministry with the Morning Star Baptist Church of Baltimore County and other community organizations with similar goals to serve our community in a loving, responsible, caring and impactful manner.


Our Core Values

 Integrity and Accountability

 Responsible Stewardship


 Outstanding Service


★ Hope

★ Offering Compassion

★ Demonstrating Passion


Community Engagement

We continually engage and collaborate with our stakeholders to plan and implement our strategy.  We consider the community at the heart of what we do.  We acquired several properties in the Woodlawn community.  Our campus has adequate parking and is walking distance to multiple communities, a shopping center, grocery store, drug store, department store, general service stores, multiple restaurants and food service establishments. In planning and renovating the campus, we ensured preservation of natural resources and strategic placement of indoor/outdoor recreational spaces.


MSBC Community Outreach Center

We converted the office building at 6665 Security Boulevard into a multi-use facility that provides meeting/event space, and professional counseling services provided by competent, well-trained, licensed clinicians.


Family Life Center

We are transforming1600 Whitehead Road, a 32k square foot vacant body shop, into a vibrant community Family Life Center.  We completed Phase I renovations and opened The Star Family Life Center in September 2018.  Various community groups utilize our multiple classrooms and meeting spaces for meetings and community activities.  Plans for the second phase of the renovation include a commercial kitchen and multi-functional event space for 500+ persons.  The Family Life Center is also used to host programs such as financial literacy seminars. GED tutoring, youth development programs that include STEM and mentoring, job training, record expungement and community re-entry.  Most recently, Learn & Plan Learning Center held a six-week summer camp for children ages 6 to 15, and continue to use our Phase 1 space for before and after school care.


MSBC 5Star Program is committed to our major reinvestment in the Security/Woodlawn and West Baltimore City and County areas.  Our active workforce development initiatives support Baltimore County’s efforts to attract and retain large and small businesses.  Plans include continued renovation of the Family Life Center to support various community needs, particularly workforce development.  We will increase our efforts to align with Baltimore County’s growing service-oriented industry (e.g., preparing for employment readiness, conducting job searches, obtaining ServSafe certification, and English as a second language training program).  We continue to build partnerships with local organizations and businesses.


How you can help!

We opened our doors!  Please open your hearts!  Together, we can . .


Continue to provide:

  • A center for multigenerational activities and outreach services to Woodlawn and surrounding West Baltimore county families and communities.
  • Senior Day programs and activities, youth development training and recreation, event and meeting spaces, multi-generational education programs including mentoring, tutoring, hosting social actions forums and promoting small businesses.
  • Partnering with local non-profits, community organizations and legislators to meet community needs for the limited and low-income population (e.g., food, clothing, mental and emotional health support through our counseling center, and limited financial donations for those who have critical life-sustaining situations).


Continue renovations to:

  • Expand our services to host more re-entry programs, driver’s education classes, expungement clinics, expanded youth development programs including STEM, summer and before and after school programs, and other life skills enhancement.
  • Install a state-of-the-art commercial kitchen, a 500+ seat community multi-purpose event hall, indoor and outdoor recreational areas, and additional workforce development training space.