MSBC Ministry Listing


MSBC Ministry Listing | Bishop Dwayne C. Debnam

Morning Star Baptist Church | 1512 Woodlawn Drive | Gwynn Oak, MD 21207



Ministry Name Leader (s)/Description Contact Email/Description
Anthony Brown
Create consistent messaging for the ministry with  overall responsibility for the church’s brand and  communications.
Media Arts Ministry Lisa Garry
Ministry works to Visually enhance the worship  experience using graphics and video imagery.
Photography Ministry Latonia Sanders
Provide still photography for the purpose of  marketing and archiving ministry.
Social Media Anthony Brown
Support ministry events by connecting Social Media  viewers and supporters.
Website Ministry Anthony Brown
Support Church and Ministry news and information  by making regular updates to the Church’s website  to keep the website current.



Ministry Name Leader (s)/Description Contact Email/Description
Children and Youth Discipleship Dawn McDaniel
Work with parents to build and transform children  and youth into disciples of Jesus.v

Spiritual Development

Zeleana Morris, Steven Wilder, Shauntia Price,
The MSBC Spiritual Development Program provides  opportunities for individuals to begin and continue an ongoing journey regarding discipleship, a journey  towards being more like Christ. Discipleship classes,  as well as Church School classes, open to MSBC members and non-members of all ages,  provide Biblical foundation for spiritual growth, financial understanding, and emotional well-being.
GED Ministry Deirdre Taylor
Provide education and training with regards to the  GED program and curriculum.

Tutoring Ministry Service

A Tutor helps students’ complete assignments,  develop relevant skills, and better understand the  curriculum outside the classroom.  Some Tutors work one-on-one with students while  others teach a small group of children during  a tutoring session.
New Members Shauntia Price
Receive and orient new members as they begin their MSBC journey. Assist and support with the  transition of those accepting Christ. Effectively coordinate New Members demographical  data to MSBC staff. Educate those that join through  the New Members Classes.



Ministry Name Leader (s)/Description Contact Email/Description
Children’s Ministry
Kimberly Moses
Kidz J.A.M. Ministry is an opportunity for children to  fellowship through worship, relationship building  and having fun while learning more about God’s word. We meet every Sunday and  share in other experiences like “Back to School”  drive, Christmas Fellowship, Easter Fellowship, Harvest Festival and Children’s  Day.
Family Life Ministry TBD
Ministry strives to lead adults to become the primary faith influencers of their family. We
are committed to executing family values through fellowship, relationship, and stewardship.
Men’s Ministry James Pierce, Anthony Brown, Carnell Nettles 
Encourage and empower men to fulfill their purpose  by connecting them to Christ through relationship  and fellowship.
Men’s Ministry James Pierce, Anthony Brown, Carnell Nettles
Encourage and empower men to fulfill their purpose by connecting them to Christ through relationship and fellowship.
Senior Ministry Pearls of Wisdom Sylvia Chambers, Lela Clemons, Sarah Watkins The Pearls of Wisdom Ministry is designed to meet the needs of seniors, offering fellowship, relationship building, empowerment and spiritual growth.
Women’s Ministry Teresa Williams              BOLD Women’s Ministry nurtures, encourages/empowers & equips women ages 18+ to  pursue their God given purpose and (we do this) by connecting them to God, the community,  and each other.
Marriage Ministry Chosen by God James & Vanessa Jones, Anthony & Sheri Brown  MSBC Marriage Ministry is committed to helping couples thrive in their marriage by providing empowering educational tools to nourish and  cherish each other in a healthy marriage relationship. Our aim is to provide biblical principles  and practical tools to establish and maintain a God centered, life-long marriage that thrives on  commitment, intimacy, and growth. This ministry  will not only play a pivotal role in building successful marriages, but will also impact children,  families, the church, the community and ultimately,  the world.
Young Adult Ministry  Next Level Generation Sierra Walker
Provide spiritual and social outreach to men and  women. Promote moral and spiritual structure in  order to empower our lives as disciples of Christ.
Youth Ministry Royalty Nate Lucas
Honor God with excellence by meeting the needs of  Youth by helping to build Youth into Disciples. Includes mentoring programs,  community, and special event opportunities.
Parenting Ministry TBD
The parenting ministry helps parents through key  questions without dictating an on-size-fits-all  solution.
Singles Ministry TBD
Successful individuals navigating a Godly life exclusively and saved.




Ministry Name Leader (s)/Description Contact Email/Description
H.E.A.L.T.H. Ministry (Healing
Empowerment & Living Through Him
Imani- Angela Rose – Ministry Liaison
This umbrella of ministries provides physical,  emotional, and spiritual support to persons and  their caregivers seeking to improve their overall  wellbeing through diverse support groups, health  education, and health screenings. These services are  provided by a diverse group of licensed healthcare  workers and support personnel who believe that a  healthy soul equals a healthy body.
Cancer Support Ministry Brenda McQuay
A support group to encourage members and their  families who have been diagnosed with cancer. To  create a spiritual sanctuary for those affected by  cancer, where members, community and their  families can express their fears and concerns openly..
Celebrate Recovery Anita Jones
This program is designed to help those struggling  with addictions, hurts, habits, and hang-ups by  showing them the loving power of Jesus Christ  through a recovery process. The program promotes  a Biblical recovery process with scripture, teachings,  and Small Group sessions at its foundation.
Chronic Illness Michael Durry
Provide Education about chronic diseases that affect  our population, such as Diabetes class, high blood  pressure, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, etc.
Divorce Care / Divorce Care 4 Kids
Gloria Hill
Internationally recognized comprehensive Christ – Centered support program that helps individuals as  they journey through the separation and divorce  process by utilizing the internationally recognized  Divorce Care curriculum. There is also a curriculum  for children experiencing divorce.
Grief Ministry Alicia Edmonson
A nationally recognized comprehensive Christ centered support group that helps persons find their  way through loss of any type, which may include a  loved one, job, sickness, etc.
Fitness & Nutrition Chene Johnson
Ministering with the love of Christ the importance of  establishing and maintaining a positive and healthy  lifestyle through education and risk behavior  modification in the areas of exercise, nutrition, and  disease prevention.
Medical Professional Ancillary Ministry Imani Angela- Rose
This ministry supports medical emergencies that  may happen within our congregation and is  composed of Health Care Professionals that give  First Aid and CPR.
Narcotics Anonymous Donna Bruce, Dwayne Bruce
NA is a nonprofit fellowship or society of men and  women for whom drugs have become a major  problem. We are recovering addicts who meet  regularly to help each other stay clean. This is a  program of complete abstinence from all drugs.  There is only one requirement for membership, the  desire to stop using. We suggest that you keep an  open mind and give yourself a break. Our program is  a set of principles written so simply that we can  follow them in our daily lives.
RAAY’S of Hope Hazel Parker – Jones
AIDS awareness ministry committed to community  and congregational education regarding HIV and  AIDS (which the ministry emphasizes is 100%  preventable.)
Special Needs TBD
Provide resources and education to families  regarding management of persons with special  needs. Also, helps support the special needs of  persons during our Church school and other church  events.



Ministry Name Leader (s)/Description Contact Email/Description
Audio/Video Ministry Tyrone Parker
Provide the technical expertise to ensure the quality of our services has the highest visual
quality for the overall experience.
God’s Heavenly Angles Lateshia Wright
Children Girls Dance Ministry Provide opportunity for young girls (PreK – Grade 12) to give God glory through dance.
Children’s Choir Donna Brown
Choir for Age 5 – 5th Grade who sing ageappropriate music, praise, and give back to the community.
Deaf Ministry Angela Williams
The Deaf Ministry provides sign language interpretation during MSBC worship services. We also host sessions for Deaf/Hard of Hearing members and signers of all levels to learn worship songs in American Sign Language and general information about Deaf Culture.
Boys Dance/Step Team
God’s Little Soldiers
Warnette Moultrie, Imani Rose
Provide an opportunity for young boys (PreKGrade 5) to give God glory through dance and step.
Greeters Ministry David Mason
Greet, welcome, and assist members and visitors.
Men’s Choir Lawrence Townes, Darryl Dancy
Choir for men 18 and older who sing via multiple styles and genres in order to inspire others to worship God.
Ushers Valerie Hickson, Kevin Orange
Manage the flow of worshippers as they enter, exit, and participate in worship services and
special events.
Ushers – Female Kim Carter
Female Ushers (Age 18+)
Ushers – Juniors Valerie Hickson
Children Ushers (Ages 11 and under)Valerie Hickson Children Ushers (Ages 11 and under)
Ushers – Male Michael Henson, Oda Tynes
Male Ushers (Age 18+)
Ushers – Young Adult and Youth Brandon Johnson, Adam Johnson
Young Adult and Youth Ushers (Ages 11 – 35)
Voices of Praise Choir Anita McConnell, Angela Harrison
Choir comprised of all singing aggregations 18 and older who sing via multiple styles and
genres in order to inspire others to worship God.
Women’s Dance Ministry Anointed by Christ (ABC) TBD
ABC ministers on selected Sunday’s and for special church events. Routinely devote time to fasting, prayer, meditating on scripture and committing songs to memory in preparation for ministry obligations.
Worship and Arts Anita McConnell
We ensure that all of the choirs, dance ministries, performing arts ministries, audio, video, lighting, ushers, and intercessors create an experience that leads persons to the awesome awareness of who God is.
Young Adult Choir Crystal Dorsey
Choir for ages 18 – 35 that ministers by singing  energetic, age-appropriate music, such that the  presentation of each song is effective and life changing to the choir members and the church.
Youth Choir Malik Kelly
Choir for Grades 6 – 12 that ministers through music which is age-appropriate, teaching members about the Lord through song.
Bible Study Praise Team Anita McConnell
Comprised of members of various singing aggregations selected to serve.
Intercessors Tryphena Barnes
Equip and empower the congregation into a deeper realm of prayer to mobilize and teach each believer to pray for and share the gospel.
God’s Mighty Warriors Warnette Moultrie, Imani Rose
Children – Boys Dance Team Youth Boys Dance/Step Team
GBF (Gods Beautiful Feet) Dance Ministry Terry Joyner – Johnson
Dance ministry for teens ages 12-17.
One Sound Worship Team Angel White
A singing aggregation composed of members whose  purpose is to minister to the congregation through  music of multiple styles and genres to inspire the  church, at-large, to worship God.



Ministry Name Leader (s)/Description Contact Email/Description
Food Pantry Helen Carpenter, Joseph Sanders
Serve members of the church and community with food and provide connections to
additional community resources.
Great Commission Tonia Carrington, Delores Turner
We minister beyond the doors of MSBC, supporting foreign outreach ministry and local outreach ministries such as nursing homes, group homes, and working with MSBC in their outreach community activities.
Prison Ministry Michael Smith, Rishawn White
Prison Ministry shares the love of Jesus Christ with persons who are incarcerated and their family members. The Ministry is also available to assist ex-offenders in their return to society outside of the jail and prison walls. The Ministry currently hosts services, Bible Studies and Discipleship programs at six different institutions.
Toastmasters Ralph Jackson
Teach individuals skills in communication and leadership
Global Connections Ministry Randy Griffin
Connects, Engages, Inspires and Spiritually Equips members of the online community whose physical location does not allow them to attend in-person worship, teaching, and fellowship experiences.
Bereavement, Home Going Services Marguerite Keys
Provide spiritual support and comfort for family members who have lost loved ones through death.



Ministry Name Leader (s)/Description Contact Email/Description
Administrative Support Rhonda Sanders – Staff
Church Front Office Support
Facilities Kyle Jones, Carl Williams – Staff
Protection and care of God’s resources for ministry.
Information Center Keonya Chase, Shirl Grant
Provide 5 Star service to all visitors, members, and guests with the utmost respect and quality at all times. Available and ready to assist persons with the latest and most current information regarding MSBC to make sure each person has their needs met and satisfied.
Prayer Requests Staff
Inform Church Leadership to pray for individuals requesting prayer.
Renaissance Christian Counselling Center Dr. Carla Debnam
Licensed, Christian counseling for the church and the community
Social Actions Ministry Charlee Childs, James Farnum
Build theologically grounded, collaborative strategies to examine and actively participate in solutions to end social inequities and injustices.
Star Conference Center Carl Williams
Exclusive banquet facility owned and operated by the ministry.
Wedding Ministry Vanessa Jones
Assist couples with the planning and execution of their wedding ceremony within the guidelines of Morning Star and in a way that honors and glorifies God.

Business Resource Group (BRG)

Kathy Evans, Patricia Veney
A faith-based resource for persons interested in  starting, growing, and sustaining successful  businesses through networking, mentorship, and  education.A faith-based resource for persons interested in  starting, growing, and sustaining successful  businesses through networking, mentorship, and  education.