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A sincere greeting to our members beyond the walls. Morning Star has always celebrated the fact that it’s services and ministry programs were available to persons from all over the world. Thousands of persons watch our weekly worship experiences and bible studies, and additionally persons – primarily from the Baltimore area, have participated in our in-person spiritual growth opportunities including discipleship and stewardship classes. With the events of the past twenty months, and the strengthening and wider usage of our virtual platforms, we are indeed a ministry for the world. You can worship from London, participate in our Men and Women’s sessions from California or Hawaii, and become a part of a three-year discipleship small group journey while residing in Texas, the Bahamas, or India. You get the point; we are now a ministry for the world. And not only can you RECEIVE, but you can also SERVE – as a facilitator, a video editor, or social media engager.

We’ve created the Connections Ministry to keep THE WORLD connected, engaged, encouraged, and thirsting for more of God. No matter where you are, there are virtual opportunities to serve and to participate in the ministry of Morning Star. If you are interested in connecting with a specific area of ministry, you would like more information about our ministry programs, or you would like to serve virtually, please contact us. Minister Randy Griffin leads this area of ministry, and he welcomes your questions and expressions of interest at rgriffin@msbcministries.org. As you prayerfully consider your involvement, review our overall ministry listing by CLICKING HERE.